E-Booklt educational platform

The digital learning platform (E_Booklet) is an integrated platform for schools available as a website and mobile app. It represents a complete virtual school as it includes merged digital tools which assists in attaining all educational tasks from preparing lesson plans to explaining it live or recorded according to teachers strategies. Besides all that these tools aid in developing lesson exercises, homework and tests. Moreover, it utilizes artificial intelligence in correcting questions from all types while providing students with feedback and recording gradual reports for teachers, management team and parents.

Digital learning platform (E_Booklet):


Since E- Booklet is suitable for direct teaching in schools and online with the easability in saving recorded lessons, hence it enables students to benefit from the lessons limitless times, any time and everywhere they want.

Add to that it assists teachers in preparing various questions and use it in different ways, as it contains a huge questions bank for the Egyptian curriculum, while it’s easy to add new questions to it from all kinds of curricula.

Easability in making online exams:

E-Booklet digital learning platform provides various ways to do exams online depending on online supervision, as students must open their cameras during every online test then they add their answers to the platform to get corrected fastly and accurately by artificial intelligence or directly by teachers according to every school's rule for each type of tests.

Flexibility in utilizing:

That’s obvious in many features as:

Focusing on interactive learning:

Online learning is known with low interactive level, but with E- Booklet students interact normally as in direct learning in schools, as it includes various techniques to engage students in activities individually and in groups, as Top 10 competition which reward the most active students in using the platform yearly for each school. And the prizes for this contest provided from Age Language Company.

Providing gradual academic reports:

Since the platform enables teachers, parents and management team to follow-up students academic progress through vivid academic reports with the ability to search with various filters.

Besides all these features, Age Language Company provides technical support 24/7 besides training teachers and students to utilize the platform and benefit from all of its tools.

And as Digital learning platform (E_Booklet) has a lot of features contact us now to know more about it or request a demo to develop a private platform for your educational institution.

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