Skills development app for kids

Age Language Company has developed “Skills” app, a skills development app for kids, programmed for the experienced researcher: Sediek Mohamed, the specialized in psychological health and education.

Skills app depends on fun interactive learning strategies focusing on exciting exercises and gamification with automatic correction feature and instant motivation for kids to inspire them to learn from the app to the most possible degree.

Add to that, skills development app for kids consists of 8 levels varies in difficulty to enhance 12 vital skills for kids. And these skills are:

1- Verbal knowledge.

2- Classification.

3- Non-verbal reasoning.

4 - Kinesthetic visual attention.

5 - Differentiation between shape and shadow.

6 - Verbal reasoning.

7- Realizing relationships.

8 - Visual discrimination.

9 - Visual spatial.

10 - Verbal knowledge.

11- Optical sequence.

12 - Ranking.

Skills development app for kids can be used in Arabic and English, as kids can choose between them each time.

Moreover, It includes free introductory level, before the paid subscribing in a level or more according to parents and teacher choice.

And as developing interactive educational apps is vital in achieving your educational or publishing organization, contact us now to gain technological strategic success partner experienced in developing educational software in all fields and various ages.