English learning programs

Developed in 2013 by Age Language Company for Institute of Excellence Azhari for for high level Methodologies from grade 1 to 5 as CDs include the following main sections:

So, all these benefits made interactive e-books vital in learning as a basic component in educational institutions for all fields. Hence, providing them to your learners became vital, which means you need to take the first step to achieve that by contacting us now as the first step in applying interactive digital transformation according to the global standards and with the best price at the same time.

According to all these features in MISK App and it’s continuous global attainments, it will assist a limitless number of non-Arab children speakers around the world, and you can notice that by downloading it from Google play or App store, and trying it. Moreover, you can provide your students with an interactive fun learning app for each methodology by requesting a free demo now.

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