Giza Educational Platform

Age Language Company developed the Giza educational platform for the directorate of education in Giza government with investment from the ministry of communications and under supervision from Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) the pioneer center in approving software engineering in Egypt.

And the platform designed according to the international criteria for developing digital educational platforms which provide the best user experience for all from teachers to parents and students, besides including integrated digital education tools to provide variety and flexibility in attaining educational tasks whether in teaching, exercising, testing or even following up students’ academic level and communication.

Besides the simplicity in use and the ability to add limitless numbers of users while keeping the highest quality in use no matter the increase in users at the same time.

The most important features in Giza Educational Platform:

Misk App’s exercises are divided to 6 levels:


Its integrated educational platform provides virtual places for schools by having all required digital tools for teachers to attain their tasks online quality and afford the best interactive educational tools for students which motivate them to learn. Besides recording lessons with various files’ types as video to enable students to revise any time. And including large and various exercises and the easability to provide tests. Additionally containing different ways to contact teachers during live online lessons and after that, and providing various contacting tools between teachers and parents.

Limitless capacity:

Since Giza Platform serves all basic educational stages from primary to secondary with limitless ability to provide digital special accounts for schools with all types of users from teachers, students and parents. Hence it’s capable of succeeding in serving all Egyptian schools from all types from general governmental, Azhari governmental, experimental, private and languages schools. And according to that it enables parents to follow up their childrens’ academic level from one account even if they are in different kinds of schools.

Depending on interactive learning:

As online learning decreases students interactivity relatively compared to direct learning in schools, and the basic reason for that is lacking interactive learning activities besides the feeling lost of utilizing many programs in learning, contacting with teachers plus doing homework and exercises. For all these reasons Age Language company’s team provided high quality integrated interactive educational tools to motivate students to commitment with all educational tasks from live lessons to homework and additional exercises and all types of questions corrected directly by digital intelligence techniques.

Applying the highest criteria of a quality education:

Age Language Company’s team utilizes the besting coding languages in developing Giza Educational platform according to universal standards of quality in educations as:

Educational games in Misk app includes many types as:

For all these features many newspapers wrote about the Giza educational platform as:

And since your students deserve the best, you can develop a private digital education platform that fulfills the international criteria and with competitive price at the same time with depending on Age Language Company, so take your first step now by requesting a demo.

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