MISK educational App

Age language Company (ALC) is expanding globally by developing Misk educational app which represents the pioneer interactive educational app for Arabic language for non – Arabic children speakers developed for Dr. Belal in 29 May University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since ALC’s team developed “MISK App” utilizing the best programming languages to apply the highest criteria in learning Arabic in fun interactive ways which enhances learning outcomes and encourages non-Arabic children speakers to learn Arabic and communicate in it in daily life.

Basic Sections in Misk educational App: MISK App will represent a leap in teaching Arabic for non Arabic children speakers as it applies the best fun interactive teaching strategies in all of its sections as:

Misk App’s levels:

Misk App’s exercises are divided to 6 levels:

The first level:

Matching each picture with the right word.

The second level:

Matching the first level with the correct part of the word, and all the letters are the same in every time, the only difference is in diacritics.

The third level:

Arranging letters to form a word, with a line at the top to show progress.

The fourth level:

Arranging words to form the right sentence focusing on the words which the kid learned in the lesson.

The fifth level:

Writing exercise, where the child writes words representing the picture which appears utilizing the keyboard.

The sixth level:

Making correct sentences by choosing the right words about the learned sentences in each lesson.

Educational games in Misk app:

Educational games in Misk app includes many types as:

Forming words:

includes two levels, in the first, the child forms a word with a picture, while in the second forming word without picture.

Clock game:

where the child moves the clock hand to form a sentence of two words representing the picture which appears above the clock.

Fruit tree:

includes a group of fruits’ pictures and names, and the child must choose to contain the right pair by pulling them to the two places above the tree.

To develop all these sections ALC’s team utilized the best coding languages to provide the highest educational criteria as:

Misk App main achievements:

Add to all these features Misk App was the main topic in many pioneers events in learning Arabic for non-native speakers as:

According to all these features in MISK App and it’s continuous global attainments, it will assist a limitless number of non-Arab children speakers around the world, and you can notice that by downloading it from Google play or App store, and trying it. Moreover, you can provide your students with an interactive fun learning app for each methodology by requesting a free demo now.

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