The interactive Ebooks

Age Language Company developed many interactive e-books for the Egyptian International for publishing and distribution. And you can notice how these e-books are valuable by knowing about the Arabic book (Pearl Beads) and the English one (SeeSaw).

(Pearl Beads) helps children in learning Arabic in fun ways as:

Besides these fun learning opportunities learners can repeat every part according to their needs and desires. Moreover, the difficulty increases gradually in both explanation and exercises.

While (SeeSaw) applies fun learning techniques in explaining the content besides providing various types of exercises, as its main features are:

As utilizing interactive educational software is vital in learning languages in fun ways to attain the best results shortly with the least effort, you should develop special educational software for your organization’s methodologies to enhance the academic level for your students and gain more students. And the best method to attain all that is by contacting our experienced team to develop all your organization’s needs from the EdTech tools according to the global criteria with competitive prices and commitment in delivering on time.

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